Ricardo's music is inspired by nature itself.

a compositional hybrid which he can call his own. He uses a splash of latin rhythm, a dash of Classical culture, a pinch of flamenco texture to begin on his quest to individual expression. 



nature itself. The sculpted formation of a sand dune, the drop of water on a leaf, the running sound of a stream are all music to him and he curiously finds those elements weaving themselves into his musical fabric. 

Ricardo's music is a combination of different flavors: a splash of Latin rhythm, a dash of Classical Structure, and a pinch of Flamenco.





a unique combination of musical flavors. With a splash of Latin rhythm, a dash of Classical Structure, a pinch of Flamenco texture, he is able to express his musical and personal individuality. 

Ricardo writes music to paint each individual's picture from various tones, moods, textures, and rhythms.

My Philosophy


I have always believed that composing music is very much like an artist who chooses colors and hues, that when creatively applied to a blank canvas, may set forth an original and unique idea. Accordingly, I use notes and harmonies as a pallet to choose from, but I broaden the color scheme by adding differing musical styles. 

I Write Music...

not with the hope to tell story, but for each individual to paint their own picture from the various tones, moods, textures and rhythms. I hope you enjoy the journey